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Welcome to Aarts Packaging

We are specialised in high volume  injection moulding. We produce all products custom made and in the Netherlands.


We continuously invest in innovative solutions and high-tech production lines for plastic packaging in cosmetics, food and pharma. Because production innovation is in our genes and invention in our blood. It has been for 80 years. We therefore also have in-house, broad-based knowledge. Optimal injection moulding solutions combined with full automation and mould engineering are managed by our own ‘geniuses’; a large team of specialised technicians.

“Our customers usually want to produce large volumes quickly, with short lead times. Sometimes these are common solutions, but often also complex injection moulding projects with very high quality requirements. I am particularly proud that our experts and our advanced machinery can meet practically any requirements you may have.”


Rob Geurtz, CEO of Aarts Packaging




Technological think tank To address any requirement


Mould Engineering For the right solution


High Tech Production facilities For each volume

“Aarts Packaging meets our expectations for a new project, right from our first 3D drawings until the first pieces of the final tool.

We trust the experience and advices of Aarts Packaging 100%.”

Christiane Edelhoff
Head of packaging development, Mäurer & Wirtz

Aarts Packaging is certified with the ISO 9001 standard.