This document defines our policy with regard to customers, quality, safety, the environment, people and communication.



At its core, Aarts Packaging is an injection moulding company. Nevertheless, we find it important to realize adjacent processes in-house as much as possible. This doesn’t just apply to things like mould and machine maintenance or processes in the line of business, but also to things that can be seen as added value to the production process. The added value of Aarts Packaging lies in the added value of the product and/or service to the customer. We realize this mainly through process automation and/or assembly. In order to stay ahead, and thereby maintain our competitive position, we spend a lot of time, money and energy on developing, building and maintaining production automation.

We want to be a healthy company where continuity and satisfied customers are paramount. We want to be able to identify risks, set priorities, implement improvement measures and monitor progress in order to limit the consequences of risks. Innovation is vital for any organization. Good ideas from our employees are the basis of innovation. We therefore encourage innovation initiatives wholeheartedly and will make resources available for this purpose.


Satisfied customers play an important role when it comes to continuity. We want to have a good insight into customer satisfaction and do (almost) everything we can to keep customers satisfied. We want to focus on being a good partner for our customers. In doing so, we want to clearly communicate and substantiate our distinctive character. In order to work efficiently, we find it very important that the product and project specifications agreed with the customer are clearly and completely defined and communicated. We want to submit tenders where there is a realistic chance of scoring. In addition, we want to learn from the experience gained in order to increase the chances of scoring.

Quality and food safety

The management of Aarts Packaging shows leadership and involvement with respect to the food safety management system. That’s clearly seen in the integration of a food safety policy and objectives in accordance with the strategic direction of the organization. Aarts Packaging considers it very important to produce safe food packaging for its customers. To this end it has a food safety system that consists of HACCP (Hazard Analysis for raw materials and processes), TACCP (Threat Analysis for Product Defense) and VACCP (Vulnerability Assessment for Product Fraud). The food safety system meets the requirements of GFSI NORM. To ensure food safety, raw materials are only purchased if we are convinced that it’s safe, authentic, and in compliance with applicable laws. Trust and transparency are a starting point when selecting a supplier. The packaging material is traceable even if it goes from one EU country to another, so that trade is not hindered. All of this is carried out to ensure food safety throughout the chain of the production process. In addition, the management takes into account sabotage and (bio-)terrorism at all times. Aarts Packaging also considers it important that the packaging (for food items) meets the legal requirements and the branch guidelines as well as specific demands of the customers.

Aarts Packaging delivers quality products. Working hygienically, using high-quality raw materials and applying modern production methods contribute to the company’s image. Quality is ‘always meeting the customer’s expectations’, or in other words always delivering products that meet the specifications agreed with the customer beforehand. Through the prevention of mistakes and improvement-oriented actions, continuous quality improvement is achieved. We want to bring the efficiency to the highest possible level. We do this by measuring, carrying out cause analyses and improving. For selected (high-risk) projects or products, we want to carry out detailed follow-up calculations (including frustrations, lead times, failure costs and causes) and provide feedback to those involved.

Aarts Packaging pays continuous attention to the quality awareness and training of employees. Every employee is responsible for his or her task. Every employee signals and reports all possible dangers to food safety and quality. Management is convinced that a positive food safety culture is essential and sees it as its task to monitor the food safety culture and improve it where necessary. Knowledge of food safety, product knowledge and professional competence are, where necessary, kept at a sufficient level by internal supervision and training or external professional training. This applies specifically to new employees and temporary workers.


Aarts Packaging strives to optimise working conditions. Every employee works within his or her area of responsibility according to the general (safety) regulations, procedures and work instructions. By doing so we can jointly ensure the safest possible and most responsible environment. We want to prevent accidents and incidents. Employees are instructed about safety risks. We supervise safe working.


We want everyone to live up to the agreements made. We want to be a company where people feel comfortable and come up with their own initiatives in line with company policy. Initiative is highly valued. In the context of continuity, we strive for a balanced age structure. We want everyone within the organization to abide by normal standards of behavior and decency.

It is nice to work with motivated and well-trained staff. We therefore strive to have employees who are well motivated and have the right capabilities. In addition, an appropriate and desired training plan will be drawn up and implemented at the individual level. We spend a lot of time, attention and money on building up knowledge and experience. We would like to keep people and knowledge within the organization. We will therefore do everything possible to keep staff turnover to a minimum.

Through informatisation, communication and simply asking, we want to have insight into employee satisfaction in order to be able to effectively adjust where necessary. Satisfied employees are in general more loyal employees. We want people (employees, customers, suppliers and others) to like coming to our company. The human factor is therefore very important to us. We do not accept it when people ruin the atmosphere, are sneaky or gossip. Listening to each other, being there for each other, taking initiative and a sense of responsibility are important to us.

Realisation of policy

The management will make the human and financial resources and facilities available that are necessary for the establishment, implementation and maintenance of the quality system and the compliance with product safety, legality and quality as laid down in the specifications.

The responsibility for the establishment and adherence to the quality system lies with the quality manager who, in this context, acts as the management representative and is a member of the management team.

If corrective actions, verification procedures or customers indicate that operational improvements are necessary, Aarts Packaging investigates these aspects and, if necessary, makes adequate resources and facilities available to guarantee food safety and quality.

This policy and the quality and food safety objectives have been made known to employees via a special e-learning module in Litop, a publication in the canteen and discussed during work consultations.